Coco Owen, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist, is a gifted guide into the challenges, mysteries, and opportunities of what Carl Jung called “the second half of life.”   


About Dr. Coco

Combining the sensibility of a published poet with the theoretical grounding of a clinical psychologist, Dr. Coco can help you negotiate the common milestones of mid-life. 

She sees the goals of therapy as reducing current distress and realigning your life with your sense of purpose. 

Mid-Life Transitions

Dr. Coco (PSY #331325) can help you navigate common mid-life issues such as the empty nest, encore careers, transitioning to retirement, and caring for aging parents. 

Online Therapy

 Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Coco currently sees patients exclusively online. 

She is an approved Medicare provider and can work with clients residing in California or many places abroad.

Creativity Coaching

Dr. Coco can help young creatives just starting their art practice as well as “late-blooming artists” who may be practicing an art form again.

Free 20-minute consultation with Dr. Coco.

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