Free 20-minute consultation with Dr. Coco. Please call her at (818) 740-4666 to schedule a time.

Call or email Dr. Coco to see if psychotherapy or creative consulting is appropriate for you.

Online Therapy

Dr. Coco currently sees patients exclusively online.

She employs a HIPAA-complaint video platform that is easy to use. She is not on other insurance panels at this time, but can give you a superbill to present to your insurance for possible out-of-network reimbursement. 

Any reimbursement is at the discretion of your insurance provider.

Coaching for Creatives

While concerns around one’s creative practice can be perplexing, they don’t necessarily warrant traditional psychotherapy. 

Dr. Coco is available for coaching on issues such as writer’s block; exploring the psychological aspects of one’s art; and the fine art of juggling parenting, or caregiving, and creative work. 

Dr. Coco completed Introductory and Advanced Creativity Coaching with Dr. Eric Maisel

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